Hello Friends and Family of Maxine Drees! As some of you know, Maxine will be turning 70 on August 27th. As part of this big celebration, we've created this registry which will serve as a travel fund gift for her. Maxine is planning a trip to Savannah and Charleston in September, and all funds donated to this site will be used toward that travel. 

This is a SURPRISE so please do not share with Maxine and do not post on social media so she does not see it. Also please do not share with Paul as he cannot keep a secret to save his life. 

If you had planned on doing something else for Maxine's birthday - even a card would be great - no worries! That is fantastic too. We want to make sure our mom gets the most birthday wishes ever. We know she has been so very generous to many people over her 70 years, so here is an easy and fun way to wish her happy birthday. 

All proceeds will be given in one big check to Maxine for her travels.

Thanks everyone!

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